CeboMulitLogger not connecting with CeboLC

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    • CeboMulitLogger not connecting with CeboLC

      Hi there,

      I'm very new to this topic. :saint:
      I'm trying to use CeboLC to read out and save the data from pressure transducers. I'm able to read out the the voltage and can also convert the values to pressure in CeboLab v1.6, but have troubles to find my device in the CeboMultiLogger
      My system is running on Window10Pro.
      Any ideas how I connect CeboLc with the logger and save the data?

      Many thanks in advance for any advice!

      Best Jürgen
    • Dear Jürgen,

      the most likely cause of this problem is that you cannot use the CEBO-LC device
      with CeboLab and CeboMultiLogger simultaneously. If you open the CEBO-LC device
      in CeboLab, you won't see the device in CeboMultiLogger until you close CeboLab,
      and vice versa.

      With my Windows 11 PC and the same software versions you have, I can see the
      CEBO-LC device in the Windows Device Manager as Cesys CeboMsr Devices ->
      Cesys Cebo-LC, and I can open it both in CeboLab and in CeboMultiLogger. And
      if I have Cebo-LC open in one of these two Apps, I cannot see it in the other app
      at the same time.

      Could I help you with this hint? If not, please provide screenshots of Winodws
      Device Manager, the "Connect..." / "Please select device..." dialog of CeboLab,
      and the "Device configuration" dialog of CeboMultiLogger.

      Best regards

      Manfred Radimersky
      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH
    • Dear Manfred,

      Many thanks for your advice. It work very well and was exactly what I was looking for.

      Is there a possibility to receive a .csv or column based textfile that is continously updated?
      I'm aiming to visualize the data online while the experiment is running.

      Best wishes,
    • Dear Jürgen,

      we provide only the applications CeboLab and CeboMultiLogger for the CEBO-LC and
      CEBO-STICK devices, and they do not have the functionality you want.

      However, it is quite easy to develop a small program that does what you want,
      using our CeboMsr-API package:…e/

      The CeboMsr-API package supports the programming languages C++, Java, .NET (C#),
      Python, and Delphi. If you want quick results, my recommendation is to use Python.
      For more information, please see our CEBO-LC and CEBO-STICK download page:…center/cebo-lc-stick.html

      In particular, the CEBO pgramming reference is needed for development:…programming-reference.pdf

      The sample Python application in the CeboMsr-API package is a good starting point.
      You can modify it to get the data stream you want.

      Best regards,

      Manfred Radimersky
      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH