Maximum available Read Speed of EFM03 in MegaBytes per second

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    • Hello Özgün,

      the EFM-03 product page on our website

      states 320 MByte/s as a possible maximum. This number is also stated in our EFM-03
      hardware reference UG-120 v1.1 on page 2:…03-hardware-reference.pdf

      Of course, this high bandwidth is possible only under "optimal" conditions. This means,
      for instance, that you have to use a PC with good USB3 characteristics (chipset, board
      design, etc.), which has a fast enough CPU, enough memory, a well-configured operating
      system including the USB3 chipset drivers. In short, you need a fast and well-maintained
      PC with enough free resources and not loaded with other tasks.

      Moreover, you often have to avoid the USB3 front ports of your PC chassis which
      are often bad and use the backpanel USB3 ports directly soldered onto the PC
      mainboard instead, and you need good USB3 cables (very important!).

      Our experience is whenever you want to achieve more than 100 MByte/s via USB3,
      you will have to be extra careful. 100 MByte/s are usually required for external USB3
      hard drives and therefore PCs are usually tested to achive this bandwith under most
      circumstances. If you want more than 100 MByte/s, it can take some experimenting.
      USB2 is sometimes tricky during development, and USB3 can be even more so.

      Best regards

      Manfred Radimersky
      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH
    • Hello Manfred,

      Thanks for your reply. I think I was not clear on my question.

      What I wanted to learn was what was the configuration and highest rate that you achieved using the EFM03 board ?

      For example with the following computer configuration available in the link (…-gb-500-gb-us-p4k02utaba/) connected to the USB3.0 on the back, I have achieved around 150 MBytes/s using 1 MByte blocks.

      Test program does nothing but reads random data written on the board.

      What I want to learn is what are the values that you achieved and with what configuration?



      Have a nice weekend
    • Hello Özgün,

      our UDK3 includes the UDK3 Performance monitor which can measure the
      transfer speed between host PC over USB3 to DDR3L RAM and back. I have

      204 MBytes/s

      for read/write measurement and selected DDR3L as RAM on EFM-03
      with a block size of 256 KBytes which is optimal with the UDK3
      Performance Monitor. Bigger and smaller block sizes result in lower
      throughput. The used PC has the following characteristics:

      - ASUS Z-170A mainboard
      - Intel Core i5-6500 3.2 GHz
      - 8 GByte RAM
      - Windows 10 Pro 1903 64 Bit

      Manfred Radimersky
      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH