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IP support in newer Vivado 2023.2



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  • maradim -

    Replied to the thread IP support in newer Vivado 2023.2.

    Dear Mr Hopkins, thank you for reporting this issue. We have noticed this problem, too. We will have to update our Vivado IPs. A decision when to do this will take one or a few weeks. Best regards Manfred Radimersky Software Development CESYS GmbH
  • djhopkins2 -

    Posted the thread IP support in newer Vivado 2023.2.

    Attempting to compile the BeastLink V1_0 IP block into a test design yields an error. Source Code (1 line)It appears that Xilinx is now obsoleting IP encryption keys after 5 years. The file i question is using the (key_keyname = "xilinxt_2017_05") key…