IP support in newer Vivado 2023.2

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    • IP support in newer Vivado 2023.2

      Attempting to compile the BeastLink V1_0 IP block into a test design yields an error.

      Source Code

      1. ERROR: [Synth 8-5809] Error generated from encrypted envelope. [/sources_1/bd/design_1/ipshared/431b/src/fx3_axis_dma_interface.vhd:1]
      It appears that Xilinx is now obsoleting IP encryption keys after 5 years. The file i question is using the (key_keyname = "xilinxt_2017_05") key and I believe based the link article would be obsolete in the 2023 version. It may be worth providing an updated version of the IP for anyone using newer vivado with your boards. Not sure why Xilinx has added this additional headache.

    • We had an old dev board that I was trying to get working when I ran into that issue. I ended up testing that hypothesis with Vivado 2022 and it compiled with minimal issues. We have moved on to looking at ethernet for data transfer but I wanted to pass along the info to help anyone who might run into the problem.

      I was talking with someone else and it seems odd that xilinx would make such a breaking change when there are so many projects built around older versions. One option might be to provide both versions of the IP block, the original and one encrypted with 2023 and that would cover everything from 2017-2028 at least.

      Hope I could help.