EFM02 board not loading

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    • EFM02 board not loading

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I have installed the UDK3 drivers on my computer. I selected the Cesys USB Device (EFM02) driver.

      Driver Management concluded the process to install driver udk3usb.inf_amd64_274322f5cdce868e for Device Instance ID USB\VID_04B4&PID_00F3\0000000004BE with the following status: 0x0.

      When I power the board it shows as Cesys USB Device (EFM02) in device manager ( I am running Windows 10).

      When I open the UDK3 board manager and click open device there is no device to select from.
      In the beastlink board manager if i click open device and enter VID=04B4 and PID=00F3 as shown on the driver events. The device open but the firmware say 0.0.0 and not serial or derivative appear.

      I was wondering if you could let me know what I am doing wrong.

      Kind Regards,

    • Dear Brice,

      we do have multiple variants of the EFM-02 board. Please state the exact type
      of your EFM-02 board. Does it have a USB 3.0 Micro-B socket (EFM-02) or a
      USB 3.0 Type B (EFM-02/B) socket? Does it have a Spartan-6 45 or a Spartan-6
      150 FPGA on it?

      For example, the EFM-02/B-150-3I does have VID=0x10F8 and PID=0xC502.
      Our CESYS UDK3 USB driver reconfigures the EFM-02 when it is connected
      to the PC and changes its PID to PID=0xC582 while the VID remains the same.
      For the other EFM-02 boards, the VID is the same and the PIDs are similar.

      The VID and PID are stored in the EEPROM connected to the Cypress FX3 chip.
      We ship our EFM-02 devices with a VID/PID combination similar to the one
      above, we write the EEPROM content and check it in our production process.

      Since your VID/PID combination is different with VID=0x04B4 and PID=0x00F3,
      the EEPROM has been modified. Probably the Cypress FX3 SDK was used to
      erase and reprogram this EEPROM. Our Board Manager application does not
      work with an EFM-02 board having this VID/PID combination.

      If a customer wants to modify this EEPROM, its content has to be saved
      before it is erased. When it is intended to use the EFM-02 with the CESYS
      UDK3 tools and driver after the EEPROM content has been modified, the
      content of the EEPROM has to be restored first.

      We cannot restore the EEPROM content remotely, so you have to send the
      EFM-02 physically to CESYS GmbH in Germany with its serial number stated
      along with it. Then we can restore the EEPROM content to make the EFM-02
      work with our UDK3 drivers again. It is possible that our sales will charge
      a fee for repairing your EFM-02 which has been rendered unusable. Please
      contact sales@cesys.com or info@cesys.com for details.

      There is no easier way to fix this, sorry. I hope I could help you.

      Best regards

      Manfred Radimersky
      Software Development
      Cesys GmbH