Debugging using ILA Vivado

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    • Hello Jinqi,

      since you do not describe your connection between EFM-03 and the PC with Vivado, I assume
      your only connection is the USB port of the EFM-03. But you cannot use this USB connection to
      connect the Vivado hardware manager to the EFM-03.

      The only way to use the Vivado hardware manager and the Xilinx SDK debugger with EFM-03
      is a JTAG connection. For this particular purpose we offer our EFM-03 Breakout Board:

      Then you need a supported USB to JTAG converter such as the Xilinx Platform Cable USB II:

      With the breakout board and the platform cable a Vivado hardware manager connection and
      debugging firmware on the Artix-7 FPGA is easy to establish and to configure.

      If you want to you use the "Integrated Logic Analyzer" (ILA) IP core of Xilinx, you may do
      so, but we will not support you in doing this for free. We may support you in this regard in
      our paid support, but we offer paid support only if we have enough resources.

      Best regards

      Manfred Radimersky
      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH