EFM-03 Vivado Version 2017.1.2

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    • EFM-03 Vivado Version 2017.1.2

      Hi all ,
      EFM-03 reference designs are written at Xilinx Vivado Suite 2017.1.2 onwards. Is it possible to convert them to lower versions like 2016 Vivado or any other solutions ? Because I don't have license for 2017 since it is a new version.

      And one final question :) Does EFM-03 have any introduction file for learning and designing the structure with Vivado other than hardware reference and axi-fx3 interface pdf's ? I'm new to the platform Vivado and I don't know the structure exactly.

      Thank you.
    • Hello Ogulcansahin1,

      the EFM-03 has an Artix-7 200T for which the free WebPack edition of Vivado can be used,
      including the recent Vivado versions 2017.3 and 2017.4. Therefore it is very unlikely that
      someone else will want to use Vivado 2016.x versions for EFM-03 development. Is there any
      other reason you want to use a Vivado 2016.x version?

      We do not provide a tutorial for Vivado specific to EFM-03. Xilinx provides a lot of tutorials,
      getting started documentation, etc. for Vivado. If you need specific assistance, you can buy
      support from us, of course.

      Best regards

      Manfred R.
      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH