FX3 EEPROM reprogramming

    • Dear Mina,

      if the EFM-02 board shall be used with our UDK3 tools, the Cypress FX3 EEPROM is not meant to
      be overwritten by non-UDK3 tools. By overwriting the EEPROM without saving its content first you
      have rendered it defective. You have no means of restoring it.

      In this situation CESYS offers you the following option: If you want to have your EFM-02 board
      reapaired, you can send the board back to CESYS, and our staff will examine it. Since it is your
      first time of needing such a repair, your chances are good that we will do it for free.

      I regret that I cannot offer you an easier solution for your issue.

      Best regards

      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH