FPGA SPI Programming

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    • FPGA SPI Programming

      I need information about connections FPGA programming by FX3. How FX3 SPI connected to FPGA.
      In the hardware reference I saw "Additionally GPIO55 and GPIO56 of CypressTM EZ-USB FX3 are routed to the expansion connector J2.", as I know this pin it's a FX3 (MOSI, MISO).
      For programming FPGA I need:

      PROGRAM_B is present
      INIT_B is present
      CCLK not found
      DIN not found

      DONE is present

      Like here cypress.com/file/179146/download page 3


    • Hello Alex,

      some of these pins are named ambiguously! I suppose you meant:

      PROGRAM_B -> connected to FX3 GPIO[53]
      INIT_B -> connected to FX3 GPIO[52]
      CCLK = IO_L1P_CCLK_2 -> connected to FX3 CTL[8], also named GPIO[25]
      DIN = IO_L3P_D0_DIN_MISO_MISO1_2 -> connected to FX3 DQ[0], also named GPIO[0]
      DONE -> connected to FX3 GPIO[51]

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards

      Software Development
      CESYS GmbH