General USB Troubleshooting

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    • General USB Troubleshooting

      The past has shown that USB devices not always work on all USB ports and both sides don't like any cable. So below are some effects that indicate a possible communication problem due to incompatibilities.
      • The device isn't detected by the OS at all.
      • The device is detected but malfunctional (driver installation is rejected / VID/PID=0x0000).
      • The device is working, communication sometimes fail on various reasons.

      If one of the effects occurs, we always prefer the following steps:
      • Using other USB ports often helps (mainly by using a port on the backside instead one in the front panel).
      • Another USB cable may help too. Especially when transfering with high bandwidth.
      • Sometimes plugging an USB HUB between host and device can help. Active HUB's are better than passive ones.
      • If none of the above helps, a PCI/USB adaptor has a good chance to bring the device to work.
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