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  • maradim -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema EFM-03 Reference Design verfasst.

    Hello ogulcansahin1, your question is about extending the EFM-03 FPGA reference design with new modules for your specific application. As such, your question is not covered by our free installation support, so the CESYS staff cannot help you here. Of…
  • ogulcansahin1 -

    Hat das Thema EFM-03 Reference Design gestartet.

    Hi all , I'm working with EFM-03 Beastboard and efm03_wrapper file in Vivado 2017.4. My aim is to write and read video signals to the DDR3 memory of the board so I want to create video test pattern generator and add it to the AXI Interconnect. Is there…
  • Joshua_S -

    Hat das Thema How to handle simple FPGA-to-HPS interrupts in Linux please?? gestartet.

    Hi guys, I need to propagate an interrupt from my custom FPGA IP core to the HPS system of a DE0_nano_SoC (Cyclone V HPS-FPGA architecture) and handle in Linux. I have searched some electronic websites such as Kynix Semiconductor​ and picked up something…