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  • maradim -

    Replied to the thread EFM03 AXI-FX3 GPIO register Address.

    Hello Simon, I assume you mean our user guide "UG121 - AXI-FX3-Interface v1.2" by datasheet. Our EFM-03 reference design is based on the AXI bus. The address ranges of the page 19 table mean AXI bus ranges of AXI slaves, and these addresses are byte…
  • Simon.Reiger -

    Posted the thread EFM03 AXI-FX3 GPIO register Address.

    Hello! I'm pretty new to this, so please forgive any obvious questions. Considering the Address Range of the AXI-FX3 interconnect: The following map is from the Datasheet (p.19): * * Name * Interf * Start Addr. * Range * End Addr. * GPIO 0…
  • maradim -

    Replied to the thread Maximum available Read Speed of EFM03 in MegaBytes per second.

    Hello Özgün, our UDK3 includes the UDK3 Performance monitor which can measure the transfer speed between host PC over USB3 to DDR3L RAM and back. I have measured 204 MBytes/s for read/write measurement and selected DDR3L as RAM on EFM-03 with a…